with no KYC

Trade crypto-to-fiat and back with no KYC. Enjoy fast, trustless,
decentralized swaps with ridiculously low fees.
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Available for MetaMask and Wise users

Stay private,
stay free

No KYC needed. Connect with your existing Wise account and MetaMask wallet to start on/offramping.

Choose from decentralized liquidity pools

Select from decentralized crypto and fiat pools from liquidity providers. Not happy with the rates? Broadcast your trade request.

Instant, trustless settlements

Offramp uses smart contracts & Chainlink to automatically verify & settle transactions using your Wise account’s read-only API key.

Interested in
being a platform merchant?

Earn 50% commissions on trading fees for completed trades, while also paying zero fees to the protocol!

Protocol trading fees

Offramp.xyz charges no fees for makers (aka LP providers or P2P merchants) and only a flat 0.3% fee for traders using standard swaps.

Makers can also earn 50% of protocol fees in commissions for completed trades!
users on/offramping
trading fee
liquidity providers
trading fee
+50% trade

Interested in partnering with Offramp.xyz?

Fiat payment methods & APIs
Web3 Wallets & Browsers
DEX & DEX Aggregators
For DEX / Aggregators / Wallets - get paid affiliate fees based on transaction volume, and explore integrations with our platform.

For DAOs – grant your contributors discounts on protocol fees, while generating additional revenue from your community’s trading fees.

For Fiat payment methods & APIs - add your platform to our list of supported payment options

If you fall into one of these categories, we’d love to chat.

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Do I need a Wise (TransferWise) account?
Yes, but we’ll be expanding support for Revolut, SEPA transfers and more, soon!
Why do I need to provide my read-only API key?
We use Chainlink oracles to read and verify fiat transactions from buyers through API calls to Wise. Once verified, crypto is released from an escrow smart contract to the seller.
What chains do you support?
Ethereum mainnet for now, with Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, & Optimism coming next. Ping us on Discord if you’d like to see support for a specific ecosystem!
What fiat currencies can I trade in?
All trades are settled in USD and EUR, but if you’re using Wise, you can fund any transaction with other currencies like SGD, KRW, JPY, INR, BRL, CAD, & more!
Where can I learn more about the protocol?
For a more detailed understanding of the protocol, read our whitepaper. You can also ping us on our Discord or DM us on Twitter!
When are you launching a token?
We have no plans to launch a token yet. Stay updated through our socials though!

Sell your crypto for fiat in 5 minutes or less.

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We’re building the future of crypto, the way it was originally meant to be.